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All You Need to Know About SAP Joule

November 2023

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SAP Joule, a new generative AI assistant for the SAP platform, has the potential to transform the way your company works.

Joule was announced in September and is now being rolled out. It hasn’t quite received the same publicity as the equivalent Salesforce AI tool, Einstein Copilot, but it does contain innovative features that businesses running SAP can use to streamline their organizational processes.

What is SAP Joule?

SAP Joule will be integrated across SAP’s cloud enterprise portfolio, including HR, finance, supply chain, procurement, and customer experience, extending to the SAP Business Technology Platform. 

It provides proactive and contextualized insights from SAP solutions and third-party sources. By rapidly sifting and contextualizing data from diverse systems, SAP Joule expedites informed decision-making, enabling efficient work processes and improved business outcomes in a secure, compliant manner.

How does Joule work?

To engage with Joule, your employees ask questions or present problems in plain language, receiving intelligent responses drawn from extensive business data within the SAP portfolio and external sources while maintaining context. For example, a team member seeking insights into sales performance can ask Joule as if they were talking to a knowledgeable colleague. 

Joule also identifies underperforming regions, correlates data with supply chain issues, and seamlessly interfaces with the supply chain system, proposing potential resolutions for review. In HR, it aids in crafting impartial job descriptions and formulating relevant interview questions.

What are the benefits of Joule?

  • Better Outcomes: Obtain tailored content for various tasks such as generating job descriptions or receiving coding assistance.
  • Full Control: Retain decision-making authority and ensure data privacy while leveraging generative AI within a secure environment.
  • Faster Work: Streamline tasks with an AI assistant familiar with your role, serving as a work copilot across SAP applications.
  • Smarter Insights: Access quick answers and intelligent insights on-demand, facilitating prompt decision-making without bottlenecks.

SAP will continually introduce new Joule applications across all its solutions. It will be available with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and the SAP Start site later this year, and with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition early next year. SAP Customer Experience and SAP Ariba solutions along with SAP Business Technology Platform will follow.

As SAP Joule is rolled out, now is the time to get your employees up to speed with AI assistant and all it has to offer. 

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